This is one of the most impressive and accessible nature reserves in Indonesia, Tangkoko-Batuangus Dua Saudara Nature Reserve has 8,800 hectares of open grassland covered with a great variety of plants. Located on the slopes of mount "Dua Saudara", the area is composed of impressive green hills and valleys with amazingly scenic views of natural beauty and inhabited by Tarsius monkey, black macaques, cuscuses, maleo birds.

We provide 2 trips to Tangkoko: Morning Trip for bird watching and afternoons Trip for Tarsius monkey. There are various exotic species native to North Sulawesi worth to visit and watch. The most famous one is the Tarsius Monkey (Spectral Tarsiers) with its unique capabilities to rotate its head up to 180 degrees. It is believed that this species are 'monogamist', in which they tend to live in pairs. Locals believe that when one dies, its partner would also pass away in the next several days. Others species include the black crested masaque (or 'Yaki' for its local name), Sulawesi owl and many others.

Other native mammals found in Tangkoko: Bear cuscus, Sulawesi dwarf cuscus, lesser dog-faced fruit bat, Sulawesi palm civet , Malay civet, lowland anoa, rusa deer, Celebes warty pig, northern long-nosed squirrel, pale tree squirrel, Sulawesi tree squirrel.

Tangkoko is also a heaven for enthusiastic land bird photographers. Several native birds found in the forest: Maleo, Philippine Scrubfowl, Blue-breasted quail, red jungleowl, barred buttonquail, Sulawesi Woodpecker, Sulawesi Hornbill, Sulawesi kingfisher, large hawk cuckoo, Sulawesi hanging parrot, Minahasa masked owl, Sulawesi nightjar and many others.

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